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North Dakota Winter Show Board of Directors 2014-2015

Pictured left to right in the back row are the following: Jim Nelson, Mike Kohler, Pete Paulson, Brad McKay, Nick Holm, Kevin Christensen, Matt Kvien and Doug Muske. Front row left to right: Dennis Hoye, Tim Ost, Beth Didier, NDWS Manager Dawn Riley and Whitney Vogel. 

Beth Didier, President                                                                                                                Board Member Since  2010
Pete Paulson, Vice President                                                                                                    Board Member Since  2007
Tim Ost                                                                                                                                        Board Member Since  2004
Nick Holm                                                                                                                                    Board Member Since  2014
Kevin Christensen                                                                                                                      Board Member Since  2007
Dennis Hoye                                                                                                                                Board Member Since  2005
Brad McKay                                                                                                                                 Board Member Since  2011
Jim Nelson                                                                                                                                   Board Member Since  2001
Doug Muske                                                                                                                                 Board Member Since  2013
Whitney Vogel                                                                                                                              Board Member Since  2013
Matt Kvien                                                                                                                                     Board Member Since  2013

Manager Dawn Riley