Foundation Scholarships

North Dakota Winter Show Foundation Scholarships

To be eligible to apply for a scholarship, the applicant must be a resident of North Dakota, meet criteria of academic standing, have enrollment plans at a college or university in North Dakota, and demonstrate leadership, character, and citizenship.

Application Deadline:
The deadline for submitting applications is February 15 of this year. Applications will be accepted if postmarked on or before that date. Applications must be mailed to the address shown above, or hand delivered to the North Dakota Winter Show office, by the application deadline.

Scholarship Amounts:
The amount of the scholarship is currently $500 and up to two scholarships are available. Scholarships will be paid upon completion of the first semester and verification of enrollment for the 2nd semester. (College Transcripts are accepted as verification.)

For full information and requirements, click the link below to download the scholarship information and application.
Scholarship Application