ND Ag Hall Of Fame Inductees

H. Garfield Harrington

H. Garfield Harrington

H. Garfield Harrington and his twin brother, H. Gladstone, started the cattle buying business in North Dakota.  He lived in Ontario, Canada, until he completed the 8th grade, and then moved to North Dakota.  In 1912, their first year in the cattle business, they shipped 15 carloads of cattle.  He traveled many miles by horse and buggy and was gone from home for days as he canvassed the area looking for cattle.  By 1938 the Harrington’s business had grown to the point that they loaded 2500 cars loads out of five market agencies in Mayville, Valley City, Minot, Devils Lake and Williston.  The Harrington brothers soon realized that more cattle were needed to utilize the abundant forage the state had to offer.  So the brothers started importing thin cattle from the west and Canada and distributed them to farmers for fattening and promised to buy them back once they attained market weight.  Garfield, who lived in Mayville, eventually assumed control of the local livestock yards plus others in the area.  The Mayville yard was closed in 1965 and Garfield, who died in 1968, loved the cattle business and will be long remembered for making it a thriving part of the state’s economy.

Year Inducted: 2001

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