ND Ag Hall Of Fame Inductees

E. G. Melroe

E. G. Melroe

North Dakota's most successful agricultural manufacturing story began in 1892 with the birth of Edward Gideon (E. G.) Melroe in Gwinner, ND.  At an early age Ed showed an interest in mechanical equipment on his father's farm.  After the 8th grade, Ed completed courses at the North Dakota Agricultural College in Fargo on steam and gas engines, little knowing he was laying a foundation for a life's role which would not only affect the economy of his own community, but the entire state as well.  At his farm shop, during the 1930's, he developed the first windrow pick-up device for combines.  This later lead to the formation of the Melroe Manufacturing Company in Gwinner in 1947.  E. G. Melroe's company continued to grow with the addition of the spring-tooth Harroweeder in 1952.

After E. G. Melroe died in 1955, his family continued the business that eventually grew into a company with world-wide distribution of such equipment as the "Bobcat" skid steer loader and the "Spra-Coupe" farm sprayer.  Today the Melroe Company is North Dakota's largest manufacturer with over 2000 employees world-wide and annual sales of over one half-Billion dollars.  All of this was brought about by a dream in E. G. Melroe's farm shop 60 years earlier.

Year Inducted: 1999

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